Composite Decks

Composite Deck Construction

Since their introduction in the mid-90s, composite decking materials have come a long way. The newest generation of products from the top manufacturers exhibit a vast improvement over the growing pain problems that some have experienced.

I am partial to the "Trex" brand as I believe they offer the best product, and at a competitive price. There are other high-quality materials such as Timber tech, and Azec. We have experience in each of them.

Benefits to choosing Trex composite decking:

  • 25-year decking warranty
  • Great hidden fastener system
  • Very good selection of colors, and trim options
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-skid surface
  • Extremely scratch-resistant
  • Guaranteed 98% color retention
  • Available steel frame system
  • Core composite is made from all recycled materials
  • Largest, and most established company

Some older wood covered decks can often be replaced with Trex decking without replacing the entire frame. If the under structure is viable, this can save a fair amount over a total replacement. Probably 90% of the new decks we build have composite decking.